Exercise 7.

First Multiyply 1.7 * 6.3 which is equal to 10.71
Second since there is 10 in both equations, we keep the 10 then add exponents which will be 10^7.

On the other hand, if we were dividing, we would subtract the exponents. Why?? because that's just the "RULE,"
so the answer is 10.17 *10^7

English feedback by Cyndi. Why do people forget the "s" when they write words that mean more than one? Since "both" means 2, it has to be "both equations" with that s on the end. I added some punctuation, too.

Exercise 8.


Move the decimal ( . ) after the first number on the left side. Count how many numbers you moved from the end. Write the number 2.3 sign of multiplication
and then 10 to power 7. We write 10 to power 7 because we moved 7 numbers to the left.
The answer is 2.3 x 10 ^7

English feedback by Cyndi. Do you know how to spell "answer" correctly? I hope you were just making typing mistakes!

Exercise 9.


1) First you must turn (24 x 10^5) into standard form. To turn that into standard form you must add five zeros after 24 . So your number should be 2400000
2) Next you must also turn (2 X 10^3) into standard form. To do that you must do the same thing, add 3 zeros after the number 2. So your number should be 2000
3) Now that those two numbers are in standard form you must multiply them and you would get 480,000,000
4) Now you must turn (3 x 10^-4) into standard form. To do this you must add zeros to the right side since your exponent is a negative number. So your number should be 0.0003
5) And now you finally divide the two numbers 480,000,000 by 0.0003. So you number should be 16,000,000,000,000
6) To turn this into a scientific notation you must keep the number 1 and count all the numbers after it which is 13. So your answer would be
1.6 x 10^13

Another way to answer this question is the following:

1) First you multiply the two top numbers which is 24 by 2. So your answer should be 24. And for the exponents you just add them together and get 8. So the top answer should be 48 x 10^8
2) Next you divide the top answer by your bottom number which would be
(48 x 10^8) divide by (3 x 10^-4). To answer this you must divide 48 by 3 and get 16 and then just add the exponents together and get 12 so your answer would be 16 x 10^12.
3) But to make it into scientific notation only one number should be before the decimal so the answer will be 1.6 x10^13

Exercise 10.

1) First you multiply 3 and 4 which gives you 12.
2) Subtract the exponents 6 and 2, which gives you 4. Your answer now looks like--> 12 x10^4
3) In order to have in in a scientific notation form, you should place the decimal point after the first number which your answer will now be 1.2x10^5