Exercise 14.


First I had to change the sign from subtraction to addition and change all the integers in the second parenthesis from positive to a negative. Then I brought the all the integers and combined the like terms for example: -7x^3y^2-3x^3y^3y^2=-10x3y^2 then as a result i got -10x^3y^2+-2xy.

English feedback by Cyndi, mostly just typing errors and changing present to past since you started in the past when you said "had to" and the rule is "Be consistent!"

Exercise 15.



Exercise 16.


Exercise 17.


Exercise 18.

The first thing you have to do is use the distributive property. You distribute 3x to 4x^2, -2x and -1. Then you distribute 2 to 4x^2, -2x and -1. After that you end up with 12x^3-6x^2-3x+8x^2-4x-2. The last thing you have to do is combine like terms. The final answer should be 12x^3+2x^2-7x-2. This problem is challenging because of the distributive property. You have to make sure you distribute the correct terms with each other. Other than that this question is simple once you understand the steps fully.

Do you have any advice for learning the steps? I like how simple you make it sound! (Cyndi)

Exercise 19.


You first have to distribute the 2x into x^2+4x-6 to get 2x^3+8x-12x, Then you have to distribute the -5 as well to get -5x^2-20x+30 after you add like terms and you're left with 2x^3+3x^2-32x+30.

English feedback by Hussain.

Exercise 20.


Exercise 21.

You have to divide all numbers by -7xy. The exponents have to be subtracted when dividing. You will be dividing 21x^3y^2 by -7xy and get -3x^2y. Then divide -28x^2y^2 by -7xy and you will get 4xy. After that, you will divide the last numbers 7xy^2 by -7xy and get y. Your answer will look like this -3x^2y+4xy-y

English feedback by Hussain and Anna.

Exercise 22.


-First you have to divide each number that's in the numerator by the number that's in the denominator which is 6n^2.
-So your problem should start looking looking like this; -24n^6 divided by 6n^2 plus 18n^4 divided by 6n^2 plus 6n^2 divided by 6n^2

-Once you have your problem set up you start to solve. - 24n^6 divided by 6n^2 = -4n^4 , 18n^4 divided by 6n^2 = 3n^2 , 6n^2 divided by 6n^2 = 1

- Your final answer would be -4n^4+3n^2 +1

SIDE NOTE: remember that when dividing you have to subtract the exponents

Exercise 23.