Exercise 34.


First step is to use either of those equations to get either y alone or x alone. I prefer using the first one since it is easier to solve. Since I am using the first equation we must subtract 3x on both sides and get y equals 3 subtract 3x. After that we must plug that in the other equation where y is located. Now it is -2x - 2(3-3x)=-10. We leave -2x like that first and use the distributive property for -2. We must multiply -2 by 3 and get -6 and then multiply -2 by -3x which would turn into positive 6x. The new equation is going to be -2x - 6 + 6x = -10. After that we combine like terms -2x and +6x and that would equal 4x. Now our new formula is 4x - 6 = -10. Then we must add 6 on both sides which would get rid of the -6 next to the 4x. 4x = -4 is what we are left with. The last thing to do is divide 4 on both sides and x would equal -1. Since they only asked for x then that would be all we have to do.

Exercise 35.


Exercise 36.