Exercise 49.


1st step would be to you use distributive property on each sides of the equation.
- Multiply -5 and 4x then multiply -5 and 8. Then multiply -2 and x then -2 and 10
So your problem should look like this after step one: x - 20x - 40 is greater then or equal to 3x - 2x - 20

2nd step: combine like terms x - 20x on the left side of the equation and 3x - 2x on the right side of the equation
-After step 2 your problem should look like this; -19x - 40 is greater then or equal to x - 20

3rd step: solve for x, add 20 on both sides, and add 19 to both sides as well
-20 is greater than or equal to 20x

4th step: divide by 20 solution: x is less then or equal to -1

Side note: dont forget to change the sign once done with the solution

Exercise 50.


step 1 distributive property on the comment trems
step 2 solve for X
step 3 add 22 on both side 22 + 20 =42
step 4 add up the like terms
step 5 add 12x on both-side 12x + 2x= 14
final 6 once is complete the you divide 14x on both side 42<14x and the answer would be 3 less then x

Exercise 51.


Exercise 52.

add the common terms, 2x-5x=-3 than you subtract 3 from both sides,(-3-6=-3) you than divide 3 by 6 which becomes -3.You have to change the signs of the (> to <) so the answer is