In this Wiki Home page, you will be able to find a list of our due activities in a chronological order:

May 16 - How do I feel about Math?
  • For Immersion Program students: Go to the page: "How I feel about Math?" and write a short piece about it. No more than 200 words, about the same number of word written in this page up to this point.

May 28 - How's the English in the math explanations?

  • For Immersion Program students: Go to the math problem that you've been assigned. Read the explanation and look for typical errors that x-word grammar editing techniques can help you fix, including singular vs. plural, missing subjects, missing periods with T, + T and other sentence patterns, etc. Use a different color font to fix the errors and leave your name at the end of the explanation, e.g. Edited by Cyndi.