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Milena Cuellar (MAT96)


This summarizes my feelings about that :)

Karolina L
Math requires logical thinking.In my opinion, basic math is easy for everybody. People who don't feel good with math do not need to choose a major which contains a high level of math. Ability for mathematics depends on our genes; some people can understand math, and others cannot. They prefer history, science etc. I like solving math problems. When I was in primary school and high school, I got higher scores in math, compared to other subjects. I am interested in logical thinking, and I have a good time solving math problems. I am anxious about the math I will do in college because English is my second language. However, I think if I will have problems with understanding, I can ask a classmate or a teacher to explain me a part which is hard for me. I belive there is no problem which we could not solve;) There is
always a path to find a solution.

I feel very good at math, because I took many math classes in my high school level. I took math exam end of the year and passed the exam. So that , I have a lot of experiences about math.Although I didn't practices math a long time, i don't feel any problems.

Weiling Chen

i think math is very interesting and very useful, beacuse it is relate to ourlife very day, from sample calculatin to difficult math calcution. When we do some shoping, buy food, a bottle of water, we have to do the math all the time. is n't it look finny that we use the calculation to do the saample math. Math can help you manage your money. Such as, how to put money in different burkets, How to read and how to put the money in the stock market. Math is everywhere in our real life and math is it very useful, But it is not easy to study on math. i think it is depen on people's interest and the purpose of learning math.

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Cyndi Casey, CLIP 2C/2D PM

I feel much better about math now than I used to, thanks to people like Milena showing a positive attitude about it. I never liked math classes very much, and my learning style is much more auditory and linguistic than logical and mathematical. I'll admit that in high school, I spent a lot of time in geometry passing notes back and forth to some friends. That's ironic because geometry was one type of math that I actually almost enjoyed, along with algebra.

My favorite types of math are related to language. I use the symbols that make sense to me, like "x = HW?" as a note to myself when I'm trying to decide what kind of homework will be most useful for my students :) . If I have to figure out a percentage, I change the words to a math problem because I learned how to translate certain words to math symbols, so "What's 15% of 300?" becomes x= .15 x 300 because x means what, of is times, etc.

The more I see references to math around me, the better I feel about it. In fact, I was quite excited when I learned about the Museum of Mathematics at Madison Square Park; I love its hands-on exhibits. I laugh at math jokes on The Big Bang Theory and I pay attention when I hear about STEM education and jobs. I'm also interested in learning about quantitative reasoning because it puts language and math together, applying both to logical thinking in the real world. Although I never studied probability and statistics, I agree with those who say we should learn more about those subjects in high school, since those are the types of math we are often exposed to in the media and our lives. The more we make math real, measuring, predicting, calculating, etc., the more likely I am to be happy using it! Cyndi Casey, CLIP 2C/2D PM (CUNY Language Immersion Program at LaGuardia)

Arthur Benjamin says, "Teach statistics!"

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Flutur Toska

I like math very much. It has been my favorite subject since i started first grade. When my first math teacher in the U.S started to explain and solve equations and problems, one month ago, I really felt good and comfortable with math. I am thinking about my future math in college. I do not know how my major, Business Administration, is connected with math or how much math it has but what i know for sure is that I love math.


I don't feel comfortable with my math. I'm also scared of it because I think there are a lot of rules to solve a problem and some of them are difficult for me to understand. I'm not good at math, but any way I know that I have to study it in College. I wish I'll do better than before.


Math is important for all students.I like math but i don't know everything. Sometimes it's too hard for me. I think, if i practice everyday one or two hours, it will be easy.Between algebra and pre-algebra, i like algebra more because algebra has formulas. If we follow all the formula, i think we can solve any math problem.

Carlos Juanacio

I feel happy because I have the chance that I needed. I was confused about math before, but now I know that I have a person who can help me to answer the questions that I have. This way, I can solve some problems that are difficult and I hope That it help me to pass the upcoming test.



About math, I feel like the world is falling down on my head. I have been really scared about math since childhood. In the United States, math is harder for me because of understanding English. However, I hope that if somebody helps me, I can do well in math.

Jessica Chauca

Well, everybody knows that math is very important in our everyday lives. I like math but not too much. I always passed all my math class with excellent scores however I don't like it for a career because my passion is science. I am just interested in knowing enough math for my everyday life .


We can't decide which rules to obey, which to ignore. when people end up with different results, they obviously misunderstand,lost or underestimate the process's steps. Math is a form of rules that we must follow to end up with right answer. Since i was a kid, i am in love with math classes. i found it very inserting because and challenging to our intelligence.Because math gives us the chance to solve problems and puts us in direct, silence conversation with numbers and objects, it makes us happy. i usually feel that i am in contact with others who i don't know- people who created rules and student who work to solve mathematical problems- when i discover the right result. Bachir.

Rosario Santamaria

I think math is very important for our daily life. I feel happy that our teacher helps us and motivates students to practice math. Math is a little difficult to learn, but I think the best way to study is in a quiet place that has adequate lighting and few distractions.
Math must be reviewed frequently. You must understand a topic, like calculus or fractions, when you first study it.

Claudia Lamour

Calculus, geometry, trigonometry, algebra...How many times do we use all that in daily life? Is it really related to our lives?
So far, I am still waiting for it. My good relationship with math changed when I took algebra in 9th grade. Maybe if I had had another algebra teacher, math and I would still be friends, but he was a teacher whose work inspired fear, not respect. I used to understand and remember how to solve a math problem in class, but the next day I did not remember anymore. I still don't know why. I do believe math is necessary for some aspects of our lives, but not all math variations. I can live with basic math; other than that, I get blocked.


Richard Merino

I have liked math since I was a kid, and it is because math is a very interesting subject. Nowadays, I still like it because every time I do maths I feel my brain working. Honestly, Some times to do math is very stressful, but I take the stress in a good manner. Now that I am going to college, I have to practice to be able to past the CUNY test. I am not afraid of math, and much less of college. Nonetheless, I still have a lot to learn, and I need to prepare myself as much as I can to continue improving my math skills.

Libia M

Sometimes I feel scared about math because I didn't review it for a long time. I need to practice to remember; otherwise I will be lost. My concern is I need to learn a lot of math because it is required in nursing. I have to make more effort to learn math.



Math is a subject that I use to study when i was in high school just to pass. I am not interested about math like major but i think is essencial to learn because our world is full of calculus, probability and statistics.


The word maths mean "Mental Attack To Handsome Students". well its kinda funny but actually it is not in real, it is just for fun.. Maths is very complicated subject but when you know how to solve the question, nothing is impossible. People cannot remember all the formulas and equations because they said it is impossible. I disagree because the word "Impossible" shows it self that " I m Possible". So believe in yourself and do your best.



I love math better than my writing.:)

Joyce Zhang

I used to really like math very much; it's very important in our real life. In my memory we usually used math. When I helped my mom buy any food in the market, my mom didn't know math, so I had to learn math to help her. I liked math if I didn't know it before; I was interested in learning something new.

Johny Polo
I have to say that math is one of the many subjects that we have to focus on one hundred percent, and math has only one way and that way is the the correct way. Well, I like math because math makes me think a lot.