Connecting MAT096.1527 and CLIP 2C/2D PM

Mathematics is a language as English is a language. This virtual space is created for you to succeed in both: your English and mathematics. Some of you are developing your basic math skills and others your English skills by taking courses at LaGuardia.

We find that math is important in our everyday life as well as our English because that is the "official" language of New York.
It is wonderful that we can hear many different languages in NYC. Some are familiar for us; others are not. Maybe we only know one language. In any case, we need to develop both our mathematical and English skills, working together, to reach our goals and thrive!

No matter the language (or languages) you speak, I don't want you to have English as an obstacle for doing great in math!

In the video below you can see how language is often an obstacle for math, not because you cannot do math!! :)


Cyndi and Milena